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date   2017-05-15 E-mail

title   IPA Draws High-Value-Added Cargos from US

Nam Bong-hyun, the president of the Incheon Port Authority (IPA),
achieved considerable results in meetings with cargo owners during
his port marketing activity which Nam conducted for the first time
since his inauguration in February.

According to the IPA on May 2, its IPA sales mission headed by
president Nam attract high value-added refrigerated and refrigerated
cargo by meeting cargo owners and logistics companies in Los Angeles,
Chicago, and other cities in the US until April 28.

The IPA sales mission started a full-scale cargo attraction activity
by holding meetings with shipping and logistics companies in Los
Angeles and the Korean-American Logistics Association (KALA). LA Port
and the Port of Long Beach are leading ports in the United States,
covering 15.6 million TEUs last year, ranking 9th among the world’s
container ports.

The sales group introduced the advantages of Incheon Port located
near the Seoul metropolitan area market, and Incheon New Port’s
current status, facilities and cargo handling capacities to American
owners of large-scale livestock cargos.

"As a result of sales efforts, cargos have also been diversified due
to continuous increases in the trade volume on ocean routes to the
Americas," said the president Nam. “Through these port sales
promotion activities, I will put spurs to our marketing activities to
lure more cargoes so that additional ocean routes will open,"