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title   NYK · MOL · K-line, integrated container business

NYK · MOL · K-line, integrated container business decisions

7 January 2017, some integration of incorporation

Tonnage climbed up 1.4 million TEU, the world''s sixth

Japan decided to buy three shipping containers business even merging th
the liner market downturn.

31 days NYK, MOL, K Line has merged the container business and
announced a joint venture established in July 1, next year.
Integration also includes offshore terminals operating in three
business brings. A full-fledged operation of the combined company in January
January 2018, some four years teoda.

Contributions of the combined company is approximately 29 billion dollar
dollars (worth about 3.3 trillion won) in size. Stake in the combin
combined company NYK has a stake of 38% MOL and K Line will have a share
share of 31% of the shares respectively. If the corporation is to launch
launch integrated container fleet size will occupy 7% of the world fleet
fleet increased to 1.4 million TEU. Currently before the three shippi
shipping outside world fleet ranks the top 10 is olraseoge over the fleet
fleet the world''s sixth since the integration.

MOL said it had decided to this consolidation to survive in the line
liner market suffers fleet surplus.

MOL official "three brings the future efficient and each decided to in
integrate the container business, "and" take advantage of the fleet op
operating in the 1.4 million TEU and about 1100 billion yen (worth ab
about 1.2 trillion won) annually integration on an equal footing to en
ensure a competitive business operations expected to reap financial pe
performance, "he said.

Three prehistoric added that to provide more competitive and meet
the expectations of customers through integrated services. K line
side NYK line has the highest stake the initiative in corporate
decision-making having said that not mean that. currently under discussi
discussion for the combined company chairman and chief executive officer
officer of the senior.

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